Are you  interested in music lessons? Let us know! If we are full up, we will add you to a wait list or recommend other local teachers.

IMG_1002We offer music lessons to students of all ages on piano and guitar. Playing each instrument correctly is of utmost importance, but we also strive to understand the underlying theory with scales, chords, improvisation, and composition. Our spring recital showcases the efforts of each student to perfect and perform one or more pieces of music, and our more advanced students spend time recording and embellishing their recital pieces using Garage Band. Younger students spend some time working with various rhythm instruments, and may create a simple instrument of their own–like a mouthbow–to see what physical phenomena lead to the creation of music.

Stylistically, our studio draws from various genres including classical, jazz, rock, and blues. Each student works through an appropriate method, and their lessons are supplemented with other materials. Some of those materials are selected by the teacher (usually classical), while other songs are chosen by the student (usually pop or rock).

Our music instructor, Aaron Anderson, has been playing the piano for 30 years and the guitar for 23, and has explored various styles including all of those listed above. He has played in ensembles and bands off and on since he was 15 years old. Check out the Music: Booking page for his current projects.



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